Why Choose The Stashcase and Not a Wooden Dugout | 7vn

Here’s the Deal

We’re all getting older, the type of older that means you’ve got a steady job where your boss wouldn’t be too thrilled to learn that you’re smoking the “devil’s lettuce”.

I mean yeah, you could wait till the weekend, invite all your friends over to your place and rip that bong you’ve had since college then head out for some fun, but if you don’t want to make a pit stop at the house or wait till the weekend to light up?

Sure, you could bring your lighter, grinder, herb, and pipe with you wherever you go but where are you going to put all that shit... in an Altoids Mint case?

So now you’re convinced, “maybe I do need a dugout”... good f*cking luck finding a good one.

“Look, a dugout is a dugout” you tell yourself as you reluctantly hit the buy button on one carved from wood out of some dude’s basement.

“Yeah, I might get a splinter. Yeah, it only has room for my herb and one hitter. Yeah, I’ll have to carry my lighter in another pocket... f*ck it.” you think to yourself.

It’s time to realize we can’t just keep paying for shit pieces that don’t match our lifestyles anymore.

Get a piece that says something about you and who you want to become. A piece that’ll last because it’s machined from high-grade aluminum, anodized for resilience, and branded to show pride. An everyday carry that is small, discreet, scent proof with an o-ring sealed chamber, AND space for your lighter.

Other dugouts don’t have shit on us.

You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your stash.