9 Ways To Counter An Intense Cannabis High (aka Greening Out)


Consuming too much cannabis – commonly referred to as “greening out” or “whiting out” – isn’t a pleasant experience. Though usually not intended, taking too much of the drug isn’t uncommon – greening out can easily happen simply by accidentally consuming too much.  A too-intense cannabis high can also occur for first-time users, who are still learning their own tolerance levels. While the symptoms themselves may differ from person to person, it's usually marked by vomiting, dizziness, sweating, and a feeling of acute anxiety. It can also include increased heart rate and reduced blood pressure, due to vasodilation or the dilation of blood vessels.

Fortunately, greening out can be combatted! These nine proven tips will help to keep your cannabis sessions pleasant:

Tip 1: Do not consume beyond your limits.

Everyone’s drug tolerance is different. To avoid greening out, it’s important to learn yours. Even when you use the drug with your friends, don’t base your consumption on their intake, and don’t let yourself lose track of how much you've smoked or consumed.

Even with the right vibe, it’s easy to accidentally consume beyond your limits with edibles. With edibles, start with a low dose of about 5 -10 mg, and wait for an hour or two before you consider taking more. The same holds true for vaporizers: be sure your inhalation methods don’t push you over your limit. With edibles and vaporizers, slow is the way to go.

Tip 2: Avoid going into a panic.

Should you inadvertently stumble into a too-intense cannabis high, the golden rule is to stay calm. Although the sensation is unpleasant, do your best to not panic and rationalize the situation. There are no reports of cannabis overdoses anywhere in the world – remind yourself that the effect will wear off in a short while, and that soon you will feel good as new.

Tip 3: Drink lots of water.

Hydration is key! Drink lots of water, and try to avoid caffeinated beverages as much as possible. Also be wary of mixing alcohol with cannabis, as this will increase the concentration of THC in your blood.

Tip 4: Take a rest.

A great way to combat a too-intense cannabis high is to relax. Find a quiet, serene area, lie down, and take a nap. If sleeping doesn’t come easily, remain lying down and focus on breathing deeply – inhaling air through the nose, and exhaling slowly through the mouth. With relaxation, the intense cannabis high will come down, and you will feel more at ease.

Tip 5: Use CBD.

CBD is a great compound for fighting anxiety and is quite effective in reversing the negative effects of THC overuse. CBD modulates the receptor signals that are associated with THC, and will lessen the anxiety and discomfort of a too-intense cannabis high.

Tip 6: Use black pepper.

Too high? Black pepper might be just the trick! Black pepper provides an almost immediate relief to too-intense cannabis highs and is highly recommended by celebrities like Neil Young. This staple spice is readily available in homes, restaurants, and stores. Make a point to keep some close at hand, so you have some to chew or smell just in case.

Tip 7: Take a hot, relaxing shower.

This solution is, of course, most practical if you are at your house (or at a place where you can take a shower without any inhibitions). A bath or a shower will help you relax and decrease the negative sensations of greening out.

Tip 8: Get a pleasant distraction.

Indulge in a fun activity that will help you relax. Pick an activity you enjoy and are familiar with. Consider:

  • Eating a favorite food
  • Snuggling with your partner
  • Watching a favorite show
  • Listening to a favorite artist
  • Playing a favorite video game
  • Coloring
  • Watching cartoons

If you’re vomiting, we suggest skipping this tip.

Tip 9: Take a walk.

Get out for some fresh air and a change of scenery. This will help alleviate any feelings of paranoia and anxiety. To be safe, be sure to walk on familiar grounds. (Of course, this tip only works if you aren’t too wobbly – if you aren’t feeling up to walking, tip #4 is a better course of action.)

The above nine tips will help get you through greening out! Of course, if you still feel too stoned, never hesitate to seek medical advice. Doctors and other medical personnel have your best interest at heart, and will offer you medical care and advice even in states where cannabis consumption is illegal.


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