How the Cannabis World Has Changed


Since cannabis has become legal in different parts of the United States, the world itself has changed. Many new strains of marijuana are now being made for dispensaries, edibles and dabbing are becoming increasingly popular, and new products now exist that help you hide your cannabis. Even so, now that marijuana is legalized in some locations, its usage isn't as taboo as it once was.

Different Strains of Cannabis

While there have always been different strains of marijuana, hybrids are becoming increasingly popular. Now that growing marijuana is legal in certain states, producers have begun to experiment.


There are a lot of hybrids on the market. Some say that the California-born “Blue Dream” hybrid can give you a full-body relaxation high. Blue Dream has the pleasant aroma of sweet berries, and – given the strain’s high level of THC – can be used to treat depression, pain, and nausea.

Though another strain, the “AK-47,” sounds quite extreme, it will actually help you mellow out. This strain smells sour and strange but tastes quite sweet. It can also help you interact in social and creative situations. Given its qualities, AK-47 has actually won a few awards and is fairly easy to grow in your own home. It doesn't take long to grow, either!


Indica is one variety of cannabis. “Grandaddy Purple” is a common Indica strain. It blooms with a deep purple color and smells of grapes. It functions to relax your body, and most people remain stationary while under its influence. This strain typically takes about 60 days indoors and can be used to treat insomnia, stress, pain, muscle spasms, and appetite loss.

“Blackwater” is another strain that is used to treat illnesses. Specifically, it has been used to help with multiple sclerosis, stress, pain, and appetite loss. A deep purple color, this versatile strain can be grown in many different conditions and smells like grapes, lemon, and pine. It is recommended that this strain be consumed at night since it can cloud the brain. Never drive under the influence of Blackwater.


Sativa is another variety of cannabis. Although the name suggests otherwise, the “Green Crack” strain of Sativa is 100% cannabis! This strain gives you an energizing lift that lasts all day – even more energy than caffeine, in some cases! Many people use this strain to cope with fatigue, depression, or stress. It has a very appealing fruity flavor.

“Moby Dick” is grown in Amsterdam and is considered the strongest Sativa strain because of its high THC content. Consider this strain if you need an energy boost to get you through the day. Mold-resistant and high-yield, this plant is an obvious favorite to grow (although it does require quite a bit of attention).

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis


Vaporizers are becoming an increasingly popular way to get high. These function just like an ordinary vape pen, which many people use for the flavor or nicotine. Nowadays, some vaporizers can also be used for marijuana: some require a liquid form of your cannabis to use, while some allow you to use the flower itself.

With many different vaporizers on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. Vapes that require liquid are financially the most affordable option. Since these vapes are small and compact, they don't require a lot of liquid, and their batteries are typically inexpensive. They can also give you a smoother hit and last longer than others.

There are also tabletop vaporizers that plug into an outlet. For obvious reasons, these are best for people who smoke at home. This type of vaporizer allows users to choose the amount of smoke they inhale. This isn't a good choice for someone who only smokes a small amount at a time; on the other hand, if you smoke in groups or consume larger amounts of smoke at a time, this might be a good fit.


Edibles are just what they sound like -- food that has cannabis or oils cooked/baked into them. Edibles are a great option if use cannabis for medical reasons, particularly if you have a medical condition that affects your breathing or lungs. Plus, it's a win-win situation: you get food and a good high! Many dispensaries offer edibles, and there’s always plenty to choose from. These can come in the form of sweets (like brownies, cookies, and lollipops), as well as non-sweet foods, such as potato chips. Using edibles can sometimes yield a stronger high.

5 Products to Help You Hide Your Cannabis

Fake Tampon Doob Tubes

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? By far the most amusing option for cannabis-hiding, this product is plastic tubes that will conceal your weed and look just like a tampon. If your bag does get searched by a man, he will grab it and most likely set it back down, once he sees your "feminine products.”

Urban Wraps Rolling Papers

Just like normal rolling papers, you can use these to easily roll a joint. Printed to look like a cigarette, people won’t know what they contain unless they deliberately pick them up and smell them.

Fake Soda Stash Can

The name speaks for itself! Pop the top off this fake soda can, and stick your stash inside. These are also available in bottle form. If you do choose to buy this, pick a brand that someone isn't likely to try to drink, thinking it is an actual soda.

The Stashcase

This incredible case was invented by 7vn. Made from aluminum with a scent-blocking seal, no one will be able to guess what you have in there! Easily light it up when you need a hit, without worrying about getting caught. The seal protects contents from water, heat, and sand, so you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

Hollow Bible

People have been using hollowed-out books to hide contents for decades -- why not use one to hold your stash? Unless your overly religious grandmother comes over to visit, chances are people won’t investigate it.


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