14 Proven Ways to Get Rid of or Conceal the Smell of Weed


Experienced and new smokers have always been plagued by smokey evidence of their last session. How to get rid of the smell of weed inside the house, apartment, car, toilet, and bathroom has basically become a competition of who has the most novel and effective ways. Finding the best ways of getting rid of that dank smell after blazin for two hours is important, I mean who is really trying to advertise to everybody and their uncle that they just came back from a journey to a far away land (unless you live in Colorado… lucky).

Although the attitude towards marijuana is changing rapidly, hiding the smell of weed is still important. Most employers and some sections of society don’t really view it in a positive light. In this article, I’ll share a few tricks that will help you in covering the smell of marijuana in your most treasured smoking space.

1. The Traditional Approach - Using Incense

One of the commonly used incense in covering marijuana is Nag Champa. This incense produces a scent that is neither feminine nor masculine, and it is made up of ingredients such as Champa flower, henna, vanilla, honey, and geranium among others. Apart from those who like to smoke the devil’s lettuce, the practitioners of meditation and yoga commonly use Nag Champa. The incense not only gets rid of cannabis smell but also coats cannabis smoke to prevent it from lingering.

2. Aromatic Oils

The use of aromatic oils to cover the smell of cannabis is sometimes referred to as the “hippie approach.” One of the most commonly used aromatic oils is Patchouli Oil that is known for its pleasant, strong scent that is accompanied by aphrodisiac qualities.

3. Using Sprays

The most popular staple for refreshing household air in the U.S. is Febreeze. This odor eliminator can reduce the smell of cannabis and create a fresh scent in your car, house, bathroom, toilet, or any other preferred smoking zone.

4. The “Matches with the Bathroom Fan On Approach”

This is the sneakiest way of eliminating the smell of marijuana. To execute the technique you will need stick matches, and a bathroom fan. The Sulphur produced by the burning matches and the wood smoke will cover the initial smell, while the fan will sweep the rest away. This method of covering the smell of marijuana is the most desperate and risky regardless of the manner you execute it. The method is suitable for smokers who find themselves in situations where they cannot go outside to smoke, cannot smoke in the living or bedroom, or people who just wanna take a dump and light up at the same time.

5. Using the Shower

Another approach of using the bathroom to cover the smell of marijuana is smoking your weed while the shower is running. Make sure that the shower is set to the maximum level of hotness. The reason for this is to generate steam that covers the smoke before being spread throughout the bathroom. This method is traditionally referred to as the “Hawaiian Hotbox”. You can place a towel at the bottom of the bathroom door for additional protection.

6. Using Burnt Popcorn

Burning popcorn is an effective way of covering the smell of marijuana in the house, especially after hosting one of those smoking sessions. However, this method should be used with caution because over burning the popcorn may leave your house with a bad stench, even if it eliminates the smell of cannabis.

7. Smoking Near A Fireplace

If you find yourself in a house with a fireplace, you can smoke while the fire is burning. The fragrance produced by the burning wood will cover the smell of cannabis, especially if you are smoking alone or in a small group. Just think, you can be lighting up with all your old college buddies waiting for Santa and the eggnog to kick in while reminiscing about the good old days when you didn’t have families and responsibilities.

8. Vacuuming

Some marijuana enthusiasts have sworn that vacuuming a room immediately after smoking is effective in covering the smell, but this is hardly a full proof science-backed experiment. However, if you choose to use this method make sure that you vacuum the furniture, couches, sofas, and recliners among others. Some have proposed vacuuming and spraying some air freshener. We like to do a spray, vacuum, spray here at Team 7vn HQ.

9. Cigarette Smoke

Some smokers have proposed the idea of using cigarette smoke to mask the smell of marijuana. Even if you don’t smoke cigarettes, you can use this method too. This method can also be used to mask the smell of weed when smoking in public. You can hide behind people smoking cigarettes in public smoking areas, or you can light one yourself.

10. Burning Small Pieces of Paper

Burning a piece of paper is enough to eliminate the smell of weed. This method is effective, especially if you turn on the fan that spreads the smell of the burning paper.

11. Herbal, Fruity Cleanses

Smokers who have washed the dishes before (if you’ve never washed dishes, just take our word on it) can attest to the effectiveness of lemon juice in eliminating smells from utensils and stripping away the grease. On the same note, lemon juice is also effective in eliminating the smell of marijuana. The effectiveness of lemon juice can be enhanced by combining it with other spices and herbs that you can find around the house. You can mix lemon juice with herbs and spices and leave the mixture in a bowl to refresh the entire room, or you can spray the mixture on clothes, cushions, curtains and furniture.

12. Purchase A Smoke Filter

Smoke filters are becoming readily available in the market. Sploofy is one of the most popular smoke filters because it is portable and made of carbon. This filter is suitable for travelers that need to conceal their love for weed. Sploofy filters have replaceable systems and can take huge amounts of smoke that makes them suitable for travel and domestic use.

13. Vape Pens

Vape pens do not help with the masking of marijuana smell. They prevent the weed from smelling in the first place.

14. One Hitter Dugouts

For those of you who want a couple of hits throughout the day but are looking for something to easily put in your pocket, dugouts are your answer. Most dugouts are made from wood and have two compartments, one for your weed and another for your one-hitter pipe (bat). They’re pretty good at concealing the smell of your freshly ground herb but can somethings get sticky since they are made of wood. Something like the 7vn Stashcase but serve you better. It’s got three compartments instead of two. One for your herb, one for your one-hitter and one for your lighter. It’s made from heavy-duty aluminum and has no moving parts so you won’t break it. Overall a good purchase if you ask us.

The above methods are the most commonly used in getting rid of weed smell or concealing it. The method that is suitable for you depends on your preferred place to light up. If you have other interesting methods of hiding marijuana smoke, please feel free to share!

Team 7vn

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